Camp Goddard Supply List

There is no necessity for the camper to spend extra money for special camp clothing or equipment.  Old clothes and shoes will be more comfortable and practical than new.  Rain gear will be provided.  The following is a list of necessities and optional items.  Each person will be allowed to take one bedroll and one suitcase.  To emphasize the quantity of materials to be taken, follow this rule of thumb!  IF YOU CAN'T CARRY IT, DON'T TAKE IT.

  Bedding (The beds will be half beds with spring mattresses.)
    2 sheets
    1 pillow and pillow case (optional)
    2 blankets or sleeping bag (lightweight if available)
  Clothing Jeans, shorts, sweat pants
    2 pair shoes
    Water shoes (This should be something that will be o.k. to get in the canoe with.  THEY WILL GET WET.)
    8 pairs of socks
    Sweater or jacket / sweat pants

Misc. Items Flash Light (MUST HAVE)
    Extra flashlight batteries
    Soap/Shampoo etc.
    Toothbrush and toothpaste
    1 large trash bag for dirty clothes
    Water bottle / canteen
    Fanny Pack
    Small Kleenex package
Optional Items
  Writing paper/stamps & envelopes
  Camera and Film
  Sun glasses
  Sun tan lotion
  Insect repellent
  Ball gloves
  Hiking boots
  Medicine - given to women teachers in a ziplock with child's name on it
  No more than $20 (this will cover souvenirs and snacks)

The following items should not be taken to camp

Television Radio CD Players
Walkman Radio Dress Clothes Curlers
Knives Sandals Loafers